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Name: La Vecina Del Quinto
Website: www
Date: 2.Dec.2009, 16:53
Plas, plas, plas (aplausos y reverencia)
Name: Calítoe.:.
Website: www
Date: 15.Nov.2009, 13:18
Arranxado o libro de visitas. Xa era hora... :)
Name: Mira
Website: www
Date: 21.Mar.2008, 8:14
I'm glad to meet you again... Well, not this is "just" online, (for now), but it's something!
Name: Ashley
Website: www
Date: 15.Jan.2008, 12:34
I got your e-mail, which I can't seem to reply to for some reason (silly Internet), and realized it had been far too long since I'd poked around your empire. :) You are easily still one of the most interesting people I've encountered on the Internet. The desire to stalk is mutual! :)
Name: Phil
Website: n/a
Date: 9.Aug.2007, 5:10
So now I'm sitting here, on the opposite side of the table, talking to you without speaking, reading your pages without understanding, admiring your dilettantism, and wondering why so many girls wear such weirdly formed earrings *wink*
Name: Ak sensei
Website: www
Date: 1.Jun.2007, 14:15
Thanks to have applied to Morgan Freeman fanlisting. I could leave that word in french ( it seems you speak it ) but my apologizes : my spanish is awful :( You're welcome anytime on my websites since I saw you're an Eistein and History fan ! lololololol ... cheers, AK Sensei from Dazhibao
Name: Miguel Blanco
Website: n/a
Date: 7.May.2007, 3:09
Hola, saludos de un gallego diletante desde Málaga.
Name: Rache
Website: www
Date: 11.Mar.2007, 21:44
Deberí­as ir a la carcel por hacer sitios tan entretenidos 8D
Name: Juan Manuel
Website: www
Date: 25.Feb.2007, 14:21
Excelente sitio sigue adelante, la verdad que es bueno poder pasear por internet recorriendo buenos lugares, saludos desde Uruguay :)
Name: Calítoe.:.
Website: www
Date: 14.Jan.2007, 8:19
Hola a todos. Este es mi flamante nuevo libro de visitas. Os animo a dejar aquí plasmadas vuestras impresiones sobre los sitios que administro :) ¡Hasta la próxima!